Sep 192013
 September 19, 2013

Matt and Jess by Limeleaf

I found Matt and Jessica through Matt’s mother, whom I met whilst randomly on another shoot. They are all kind, passionate, laid back people. This was the perfect offset to the setting of their wedding, the heart of London.

It’s a setting that usually boasts quite glamorous expectations, but to be perfectly honest can quite often be a logistical nightmare. Limited/expensive parking, heavy traffic, and venues with strict procedures. The solution? Planning.

Every time I secure a London job, I ensure I know the logistics backwards. One wrong turn can send you down one way system and you’ll lose 15 minutes; critical on a wedding day when you’re expected to be the last to leave, and first to arrive.

As predicted the reception venue, Horniman Museum had a fair bit of paperwork to fill out before I was granted permission to attend the day. Fortunately the parish at St Giles-in-the-Fields we’re lovely; very accommodating and very understanding people whom gave us free roam on the day (within reason).

With all the paperwork filled in, location reccys done, and a few dry runs with my fantastic second shooter for the day – Alex Keyte, everything was prepped and ready for the day.

In conversations with Matt and Jessica prior to the day, it was clear how much their dog Mr.T meant to them. After all, he was assigned the job of the ring bearer! It was therefore key to include as much of him throughout the day as we could. Likewise with Matt’s musical background, and they’re close and affectionate relationships with friends and family. All these factors constructed the path of the edit, which were then bound with the beautiful setting of Horniman Gardens, and some lovely words by Jessica’s wise and well spoken Father, and best man Ryan. The speeches were all fantastic, I had a hard time selecting which bits made the short highlights edit.

The pre-production made a huge difference to the day, and enabled us to enjoy the fantastic venues Matt and Jessica chose. It was a pleasure to work alongside Laure and Henley from LimeLeaf Weddings also (whose credit goes to the above picture!), very talented guys and brilliant to work with.

Equipment wise, we used two 5D mark iiis, a Sony FS100 and a Canon 60D. It was a two camera shoot throughout the day, but we doubled up for the speeches and ceremony. I’d usually opt for a three camera shoot for a wedding of this size, but the sheer scale of St Giles-in-the-Fields gave us much more operating space than a typical church. 2 Operating 4 seemed the perfect setup here.

Here’s the highlights to Matt and Jessica’s day. Hope you enjoy.

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