Jun 142013
 June 14, 2013

Solo shoots are hard work, there’s no two ways about it. Especially when elements of the day are live, like a wedding.
You have to carry all the bags, hit record on all the cameras, get both angles, capture all the action and all the cutaways. It’s the type of shoots I always try and avoid. However, I was excited for Chris and Ali’s wedding.

I had only spoken to Chis a few times on the phone, but from the few words we shared I could tell he was great guy with a warm personality. And this was true for Ali also. It was a complete joy sharing their day, and Chris’ meaningful speech made it a breeze for me to tell their story.

I shot the wedding almost exclusively on my 5D mark iii. I brought a Sony FS100 and used it as a second camera. Why so? The FS100 has a much sharper image, with much better audio than the 5D, why not use as A-camera?
Where the 5D excels is speed of operation, the FS100 doesn’t come close.
Speed is absolutely essential for weddings, blink and you miss a moment, and for that the 5D is invaluable.

The FS100 controls are clunky, cumbersome. The aperture wheel is slow, and you only have immediate access to 3 gain increments. The only other camera that comes close to the 5D in terms of speed is the C100. If a speedbooster adaptor were ever created for EF to EF mount, the C100 would be the ultimate camera for run and gun work.

Grip wise, I predominantly used my Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 monopod to capture the storyline. But I wanted to include more dynamic movements where I could to do the beautiful venue and decor justice. So for the more controlled subjects I used my Cinevate FLT, and DSLR Devices jib/crane.

My goal was to tell Chris and Ali’s story so that it has wide appeal, not just friends and family they hold close. I hope I’ve achieved this, and hope you enjoy the video:

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