Oct 132012
 October 13, 2012

With the wedding season coming to a close, I’m finally finding time to get out and film some skateboarding!

I’ve been using 5D mark iiis for most of the summer, but have only recently purchased my own. So I’ve never used one outside of a wedding environment, or dealt with footage in post until now.

The thing I love about Canon DSLRs are that they are incredibly fast to shoot with. You can change exposure settings without thinking, which is great for skateboarding.

One of the main things I wanted to test here was resolution. It’s never going to be CX00/F3/FX00 sharp, but I wanted to see what advantage it has over the mark ii. Out of the gate there’s no doubt it’s soft, but with added sharpness in FCP (around 20) it’s a definitely step up; fringing on raw FS100 territory.

The mark iii has a massive improvement in regards to HDMI out. Not only do you get full HD when recording (which was the main reason why I upgraded), but you also get another, not so mentioned upgrade.

When using the mark ii via a HDMI monitor, you have two viewing options. full screen image with no settings displayed, or letterboxed with displayed settings.. To me, neither were ideal. The letterboxed display meant that the image was too small on a 6″ monitor for focussing (due to the fact that the output was only 480), and the full screen display meant that you didn’t know what settings you were on unless you viewed the screen on top of the camera body. Which meant taking your eyes off the screen, or worse still having to move the camera to view it if you were shooting at a high angle.

With the mark iii, you can shoot full screen, and when you change exposure you get a momentary display of your settings. Holding the shutter down also displays your settings; brilliant!

Monitoring audio is a nice feature to now have. With my mark ii/7D I often had skate footage audio ruined because of a level spike, leading to ADRing shots.

I definitely forgot to test the 50p and All-I modes! I want to give both of these a thorough examination, to work out if the 50p is competent (line skipping in previous models makes it unusuable IMO), and if the All-I is worth the extra file sizes (I’ve yet to see evidence that suggests it does yet).

This edit was also a great chance to try out my lovely new Canon 8-15mm fisheye. And a Nomad handle which I received for review (will be compiling a review when I’ve had a chance to use the handle more).

Kit wise I used my Manfrotto 562B-1 tripod with 501 head, Cinevate FLT slide with manfrotto 701 head, Nomad handle. Canon 24-105mm F4 L, Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II, Canon 8-15mm F4 fisheye. And of course my SmallHD DP6.

All music by Gold Panda.

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