Dec 222010
 December 22, 2010

Just want to quickly apologise if you are reading this and my website is still in bits! The busyness of Christmas has definitely got the better of me, and haven’t had time to finish off the finals stages of my new website!

I’ve held the release of this video so it doesn’t clash with the official release by Astroid Boys. You can check out their YouTube channel here.

This video was shot shortly after the Party & Bullshit shoot at Cardiff Arts, at a larger show called Bedlam, hosted in Cardiff University.

It was a great venue, and crowd. I shot all using my jag35 rig and 160 LED light. I switched lenses between my Sigma 30mm and Tokina 11-16mm. This was the most effective workflow, and meant I could a variety of shots very quickly. Like all live events, you only get one chance to capture the action. It was great to spend some time backstage also, and the RedBull rep kept us well hydrated throughout the evening!

The car and roof footage was shot on a different evening, in incredibly bad weather. Despite getting soaked (along with my kit) the footage came out great, and the rain really added to the scene! I had a lot of problems with video noise in this shoot also (And shaky car footage, but still haven’t found an effective post fix for this yet), from memory it was probably all shot at ISO 1600, again this can be argued as adding to the appearance, but ideally I like my footage as clean as possible. I think a purchase for the Neat Video plugin maybe in order soon.

I’ve got a lot of videos in the pipeline, and the website WILL be finished soon, so be sure to stick around.


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