Sep 232010
 September 23, 2010

This is my latest skate edit. And like any has been lurking on my hard drives awaiting completion, until now!

This is exactly what it say on the tin, a load of footage filmed on Will’s Birthday.

I’ll keep this short as I have a car outside in much need of a clean.

This shoot was great fun, Will organised a big session at Caldicot, then to his for a BBQ later on in the evening.

From a filming point of view, this was not ideal. I’ve covered Caldicot park to death, and every time I film there I swear it’s my last. So let this be a little disclaimer; This will be the last edit I film at Caldicot park!

However, Will’s intentions for the location were completely fair, it’s everyone’s local and is where everyone is most comfortable.

I got some great footage that day, but to be honest I was lacking on the creative side. I was too busy having fun to worry about filming (I was doubtful at the time as to how much skateboarding footage we’d actually get that day). So to keep things interesting I opted with a choppy edit. hence the Dilated Peoples music choice (hip hop gives you endless amounts of beats to edit to).

May I take this time to also plug the infamous group Crystal City Pirates (C.C.P), yes that is their self titled track creeping in at the end!

I have a very small edit with Nick Chappell at Midsomer Norton Plaza in the pipeline, with also a couple of music video possibilities. Stay tuned and enjoy.