Jun 092010
 June 9, 2010

This blog is well overdue.

I filmed this short back in March/April time, but have kept it offline due to festival policies.

The film was made in conjunction with my dissertation; A technical exploration of HD video, with reference to CMOS image capture technology.

I used two Canon 7Ds for the shoot. And a large selection of lenses including Sigma, Canon and Carl Zeiss primes, and my Tamron zoom. I made good use of my Glidetrack, and a Zacuto Sniper kit also.

It was my first time using Carl Zeiss lenses with the 7D. The quality of them really took me back. I fell in love with the 85mm f/1.4, and used it where ever I could. Having a 72mm filter diameter meant I could chuck my Fader ND straight on also.

I constructed a DIY adjustable neutral density filter for the smaller 58mm threaded lenses out of two polarising filters. Due to shooting with a wide aperture and 1/50th shutter (for a cinematic look) this was essential. The DIY ND filter had a really weird effect on the contrast so I had to ditch that idea, meaning I had no ND for the Zeiss 35mm and 50mm. Instead, I used these lenses throughout the night time shoots, and used the Sigma 30mm and Zeiss 85mm throughout the day.

It was great to do a shoot with the 7D entirely stabilised. Having only going handheld on 1 or 2 occasions really helped create a more cinematic look to the video. Motion was added where ever possible to emphasis this also. The Glidetrack and  digital scaling played a large part in this.

Although this was a solo project, I had James Haddock and Sam Williams help me out on set with Sound and Camera Assisting. Top work from both, and couldn’t have made it without them.

I also have to give credit to Natasha for playing her role so well, letting me use for house, and her Mother Lisa. Also Will for his great debut performance, and John for his amazing artwork.

The soundtrack is by Run DMT. I Can’t thank them enough for letting me use tracks from the album ‘Bong Voyage’.

Regrettably, pictures were only really captured on the first day. I really need to include a dedicated photographer to my crew in future projects.

Here they are:

IMG_9386 IMG_9385 IMG_9378 IMG_9377 IMG_9375 IMG_9371 IMG_9367 IMG_9362 IMG_9360 IMG_9359 IMG_9358 IMG_9354 IMG_9350 IMG_9343 IMG_9342 IMG_9341 IMG_9340 IMG_9337 IMG_9334 IMG_9331 IMG_9329 IMG_9327 IMG_9326 IMG_9323 IMG_9309 IMG_9307 IMG_5974 IMG_4230