Mar 242010
 March 24, 2010

As part of my final year at Stafford university, we had to make a music video of our choice. I was in a group of four.

Development for this idea started back in January. We did a location shoot on the 12th Feb, and shot the film over 3 days on the 26th Feb.

It was a really fun shoot, something a little different!

The song we chose was by Passion Pit, called Little Secrets.

The video was shot entirely on my 7D, using my Tamron 17-50mm lens and Sigma 30mm. We borrowed a friends Indie ProRails for shoulder support, other accessories included my LCDVF, Fader ND, Glidetrack and a rented 503 Manfrotto, 128 Manfrotto & reflector board.

Everything ran really smoothly, the only problems we had on location were public attraction (running round Brighton with 3 cheerleaders grabs some attention!) and the weather on Sunday.

Fortunately we predicted the Sunday weather, and crammed most of the filming into Saturday.

When editing we found so many shots with people looking straight at the lens. Kind of annoying, but this was countered.

There were a few shots that were filmed in 50p for a smooth overcrank, which on the 7D is only possible in 1280X720. Therefore the whole timeline was scaled down to 720. This meant that with the 1080 footage, we had room to scale and move the footage about until we got rid of 90% of the glaring public.

IMG_8910 IMG_8692 IMG_2683 IMG_2681 IMG_2679 IMG_2671 IMG_2670 IMG_2658 IMG_2656 IMG_2653 IMG_2650 IMG_2646 IMG_2642 IMG_2638 IMG_2636 IMG_2619 IMG_2608 IMG_2604 IMG_2585 IMG_2582

Film By - Tim Fok, James Haddock, Alex Keyte, James Weir

Starring - Stefan Bird, Francesca Caleb, Pamela Devereux, Sascha Harman, Ellie Webber

Also - Jody Daunton, Joe Clark, Sam Harris, Sophie Scopes, Tim Fok

Equipment used: Canon 7D, Tamron 17-50mm VC f/2.8, Sigma 30mm f/1.4, Fader ND, Indie Rails Pro XV sm, LCDVF, Glidetrack SD (1m)

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  1. looks good

  2. must have been hard work